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Is your business or event looking for targeted local exposure? has the attention of locals and visitors to Douglaston, NY. As the city's authority online portal,'s mission is to provide its users with updated information about their city. Online local spending is growing at a dramatic rate, and Douglaston advertising is no exception. There has been a trend of more businesses using city sites over traditional media sites for advertising. Traditional forms of advertising have taken a back seat to the internet and is positioned well to help local businesses get their message out to locals and visitors who are planning their trip to Douglaston, NY. offers an array of advertising options to highlight your business ranging from directory listings, banner ads, partnerships, and channel advertising to home page exposure. The best part about advertising on is that all the links and listings are tracked for monthly visitors and reported to the businesses.
*Directory Advertising offers free basic listings in the directory with your business name, phone number, and address. Most internet users looking for products or services online would like to see as much information as possible on the company they are considering doing business with. offers premium listings that do just that, and appear before all the free listings in the directory. Any Douglaston business looking for online exposure needs to take advantage of a premium listing.

A premium directory listing indicates to consumers that your business is one of the leading establishments in town.
Included in premium listing:
  • Top placement before all free listings
  • Business name, phone, email, and address
  • Business description
  • Company logo
  • 5 photos
  • Map
  • 5 links to your business website
  • Printable special offer
  • Unlimited edits
  • Search engine meta tags/keywords added to your listing
*Channel Advertising contains several targeted channels to easily organize the visitor's possible interests. Some examples of channels on would be "Restaurants", or "Things to Do". Unique channel packages exist for Douglaston businesses to help weave their brand and message into targeted sections of the website. Channel partner pages are optimized to rank well in all search engines and convert leads. Each channel will have only one partner featured throughout the channel, so Douglaston businesses will need to secure their channel quickly.

Some of the channel partner's benefits include:
- Use of company logo and name on channel
- Featured directory listing and banner ad
- Editorial content on the home page
- Link to the channel partner's website

Channel packages are custom made for local businesses, please email us to find out more about the options your business has.
*Home Page exposure
Home page exposure on allows business to reach nearly every visitor to the website with its message or branding. It's like being on the front page of the newspaper, except every visitor is looking for something specifically in Douglaston, NY. Custom banner ads are used to attract the attention of visitors and are a great way to form a first impression with a potential client. The banner ads can link to any desired webpage and are tracked for monthly visitors.
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