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Short Sale - Homes at a Great Price

A short sale is when a home is sold for less then what is owed on the balance. A buyer looking to get a great price on a home in a desired neighborhood can get all they want including the home of their dreams at the price they can afford. Buyers looking at Douglaston short sales can find an amazing collection of homes including all the upgrades and sizes they need at prices that won't break the bank.

The Douglaston short sales available include properties such as condos and residential homes. These properties can be in perfect condition or need some TLC help, but considering the price for the neighborhood and home, it can be the best buy a buyer makes. Since this is still a buyers market, a buyer has the upper hand to get just what they want. There are over 100 homes for sale in the Douglaston area for sale ranging from $420,000 to $5,200,000. With that amount of homes for sale in a price range as large as that, there is a home to fit every budget and need.

Douglaston in New York is a desirable neighborhood to be in since it is made up of middle to upper class homeowners in the northeastern area of Queens. With only a 20 minute drive to Manhattan, it's perfect for those with jobs in the area. Buying a Douglaston short sales home can be a hard experience to do on ones own, so having an experienced real estate professional to offer their experience and knowledge is the best way to get the perfect home at the perfect short sale price in Douglaston.

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